Problems with Cavalry ?

If you have been sued or harassed by Cavalry SPV I, LLC, or if they already have a judgment against you, we can help.

We know Cavalry well from having opposed them over the years. We also know their attorneys. As a result we have been able to generate favorable outcomes for our clients. Here’s more about them:

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC is a debt buyer headquartered in New York which purchases “distressed consumer loans” – fancy talk for defaulted credit card debt. When Cavalry sues, the name of the plaintiff is likely to be Cavalry SPV I, LLC. “SPV” stands for Special Purpose Vehicle, a separate subsidiary entity designed to service and collect Cavalry’s debt.

Cavalry is represented  in California primarily by the Winn Law Group in Fullerton, but some of their cases are handled by the law firm Quall-Cardot. Both firms, due to their heavy caseload, prefer to settle cases rather than take them to trial. As trial approaches both firms are willing to accept settlements which are more favorable to the consumer.

To learn how we can help you against Cavalry, please click on one of the links at the top of the page. You can also feel free to call us toll free at (877) 320-2380 for a free consultation, or you can provide your contact information to the right and we will contact you.

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4 Responses to Problems with Cavalry ?

  1. Kimberly says:

    Cavalry is not a nice company and their rep, Jamerson was a loud mouth bully who thought he could scare me into doing what he wanted. I did not let him get the best of me and I would put him in his place when I thought he was disrespecting me or was out of line.

  2. troy Galpin says:

    Being sued for $9454 from a loan from 6 years ago

    • William Rose says:

      If your last payment on the account was six years ago, and it was a consumer account – not a business account – you may be able to counter sue or file a Federal action under the FDCPA (which has a one year SOL from the date the case was filed against you.

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