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Put a Top Credit Card Lawyer on Your Side.

Debt Collectors Have Their Experts. You Should Have Yours Too!

When you are sued over a credit card debt, Collectors and their Attorneys could care less who you are, how long you have been a sterling customer, or what kind of struggles you’ve experienced. They treat you as if YOU caused the Great Recession (instead of them). They care about one thing: making your money, their money. Fast, and Easy ! Period. 

In fact, they’re hoping you don’t respond to their Summons and Complaint, so they can get a quick default judgment against you. And, if you do Answer, they want you to represent yourself, so you’ll be easy pickings.


They DON’T WANT to face off with a Top Consumer Credit Card Lawyer who knows how to defend a credit card lawsuit. They don’t want you to hire a lawyer who knows them, their attorneys and their game, because it will cost them TIME and MONEY since they’ll get less of yours !

Don’t give them what they want! Give them exactly what they DON’T want!

Do the smartest thing you can do right now. Learn your options. An expert credit card defense lawyer can level the playing field and save you money. We can win or get you a favorablle settlement of your case. But you must take action. Here’s step one:

Let us know about your case.

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Either way there is no obligation and we are pleased to give you our thoughts FOR FREE!

So if you have been served with a SUMMONS, don’t ignore it. You should act now ! You’ll get a better deal by contacting us now !

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Have Questions about a credit card lawsuit ?

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Don’t pay money just because a lawsuit is filed against you. It’s an opportunity to fight back. And you can!

Here’s how: If you are sued or harassed over a credit card debt, make the collector PROVE the case against you!

“Make them show you a document
that proves you owe THEM.

You’d be surprised how often they CAN’T.”

And that’s why they rely on threats and intimidation.

It’s because THEY CANNOT PROVE THEIR CASE in court!

If you are sued over a credit card debt, CONSULT with a Consumer Lawyer who specializes in this area of law. LEARN your rights and make an INFORMED decision about your future.

Good luck and I hope to hear from you,

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