Problems with Unifund CCR Partners ?

IF you have been sued or harassed by Unifund CCR, LLC, or, if they already have a judgment against you, we can help.

We know Unifund well from having opposed them over the years. As a result, we have been able to get our clients favorable results, either by quick settlement or by litigation, depending on their needs.  If you wish to discuss your case with us, you can call toll free, or submit your information in the form on the right and we will contact you promptly. Here’s more about Unifund:

Unifund CCP Partners, Inc. is a large national debt buyer based in Cincinnati, OH, which purchases, sells and manages “under-performing and distressed” consumer receivables, including defaulted consumer credit card accounts.

Unifund relies on two law firms primarily to file its debt collection lawsuits in California: the Fresno law firm of Lang Richert & Patch, and, from Los Angeles, Kenosian & Miele.

Unifund’s cases suffer from the same core weaknesses as other debt buyer cases: (1) proving that the defendant owed money to the original creditor; and, (2) proving the Unifund purchased the defendant’s defaulted account. Under California law, testimony from the original creditor is necessary to prove that defendant defaulted on a credit card account and owed a debt. The large banks which sell credit card debt to Unifund have not made witnesses available for this purpose, and there is no reason to expect a change. Think of it this way: What are the chances that a major national bank, dedicated to its bottom line, will fly an witness to California to testify in a trial in which the bank has no financial interest whatsoever? Let’s move on. Unifund typically attempts to circumvent this requirement with testimony from its own witness, submitted by declaration. These “declarants”, however, can be subpoenaed to trial for cross-examination. Since Unifund is similarly reluctant to incur travel expenses from Cincinnati plus lodging for its witnesses, favorable settlement offers tend to result in the days leading up to trial.

To learn how we can help you against Unifund CCR Partners, Inc. please click on one of the links at the top of the page. You can also feel free to call us toll free at (877) 320-2380 for a free consultation, or you can provide your contact information to the right and we will contact you.

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4 Responses to Problems with Unifund CCR Partners ?

  1. kathleen moore says:

    hi, i was at home in the shower this morning at 6:30 am when a summons was left stuck in my screen door . is this legal? from these people.

    • admin says:

      No good comes from ignoring a summons, even if it is not served properly.
      My advice, file your Answer with the court within the appopriate time, which in CA is 30 days to be safe.

  2. Robert Michael says:

    I am going to trial with unifund soon and was wondering if you take cases in the florida area or can assist with advice.. I refused to give in to these junk debt collectors, of which most people have a pretrial. I know they cant garnish my wages because I am on government disability. I am preparing a motion to dismiss letter to the court. but my only defense is that they have not produced the actual bill of sale and assignment with my name or account number on it, yet my judge at pretrial suggested I file a motion. Guess she was giving me a tip, because no one in my district seems to question the validity of unifunds documents, but me..

    well if you can help let me know.
    thanks Robert

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the belated reply.
      I can’t assist in Florida.
      You can search for a Florida consumer lawyer at
      That’s the website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.
      Click on FInd an Attorney. Then select FLorida in the drop down menu, and browse areas of expertise for debt defense.

      Hope this works.

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